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What is One Good Kiwi?

One Good Kiwi

Kia Ora! Welcome to One Good Kiwi. It’s a new way to give. Get your share of $100,000 from One New Zealand to gift to charities every month. Swipe, explore and discover the Good Kiwi who are making Aotearoa awesome and donate to the ones you love.

About One Good Kiwi

One Good Kiwi was created with one goal in mind, to secure the futures of our rangatahi and give back to the communities in Aotearoa who need it most. Our aim is to make giving as easy and as fun as possible, but we understand that not everyone has the time, energy, or spare money to support the causes they want to. We’re here to change that.

One Good Kiwi revolutionises giving - with a simple proposition - we give you the money, you choose where it goes. Each month we give New Zealanders $100,000 to decide which Good Kiwi they want it to go to. It’s a place to find and fund awesome kiwi doing incredible mahi across NZ, we’ll also be adding more Good Kiwi each month, so stay tuned!

We like to think of One Good Kiwi as digital koha that can only be spent on others. It’s One Good Kiwi helping another.

Frequently asked questions.

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What is One Good Kiwi?

One Good Kiwi is One New Zealand's newest philanthropic initiative, designed to make giving easy and fun.

While One Good Kiwi provides a new digital giving platform, it builds on the significant investment already made into New Zealand communities by One NZ's existing registered charity, Te Rourou, One Aotearoa Foundation, which has invested nearly $50 million to support rangatahi experiencing disadvantage over the last 20 years. By ensuring donations made via One Good Kiwi are directed to charities who support rangatahi, both Te Rourou and now One Good Kiwi are focussed on generating the best possible outcomes for rangatahi around Aotearoa.

One Good Kiwi users - who do not have to be One NZ customers - will get to choose how to distribute the $1.2 million that One NZ donates each year via the platform to support positive change for rangatahi (young people).

How does OGK work?

We give every day Kiwis the money. They choose where it goes. Think of One Good Kiwi as a new way to give - an altruistic currency that can only be spent on others. Every month $100,000 will be ‘dropped’ and each person who takes part will get their share to donate. Simple!

Can I nominate other good causes to be included in future months?

We love hearing about charities in New Zealand supporting our young people! If you are a registered New Zealand charity who is designed to help young people whether that's through creative arts or igniting their love for the environment, we'd love to hear from you by submitting your charity here. Please note that because it is important for every charity One New Zealand invites onto One Good Kiwi is offered a sustainable form of funding, we must limit the number of charities to ensure each get impactful funds coming their way. For that reason, we are full for 2025. But please still get in touch, we want to hear from you!

Is there a guaranteed $100,000 every month?

Absolutely. We've committed $100,000 every month, that's $1.2 million each year. This is in addition to the $2 million funding provided to support better outcomes for rangatahi via Te Rourou, One Aotearoa Foundation each year.

How much is each token worth?

Each token represents a share of the $100,000. At the end of the month, we look at the number of tokens that have been given to each charity and provide them with a share of $100,000 relevant to their share of tokens. The value of each token will therefore depend on the number of votes received each month.

How long will One Good Kiwi exist for?

One Good Kiwi is an interactive online website and mobile application with a long-term vision of creating positive change for rangatahi (young people).

How have the charities been selected?

Charities are selected via a consulting group made up between One New Zealand and Te Rourou, One Aotearoa Foundation . One Good Kiwi features charities that all share in the mission of enabling better outcomes for our rangatahi (young people), reflect the overall kaupapa, and have a diverse representation of communities and locations.

Why have you selected the specific types of charities you have?

We actively seek out charities across the motu to feature on One Good Kiwi who align with our mission to create a more awesome Aotearoa through helping enable better outcomes and brighter futures for our rangatahi (young people).

The selection further considers that each month we represent a range of kaupapa, communities and locations.

How is the money divided between charities?

Each token represents a share of the $100,000. At the end of the month, we look at the number of tokens that have been given to each charity and provide them with a share of $100,000 relevant to their share of tokens.

What happens if a charity gets no votes/tokens?

At a minimum, each charity walks away with $1000, regardless of how many tokens they get from the public.

Ngā mihi nui.